Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

Of course you do. What small business owner or entrepreneur can say that they have enough growth?

The REAL question is  how can you achieve this growth from your business website?

There are countless resources, companies, and experts that offer the same, similar or sometimes quite different strategies. So where do you start? With whom do you spend your hard-earned money and give your precious time?

Let’s look at conversion for example: searching Google today for “how to convert website visitors into customers” I get 10 different websites on the first page that all claim to have the best approach  how can you know in which one to trust?

Firstly, you can trust those who are honest about who they are.

I have been a web designer. I have been a web developer, tester, and project manager. I have worked with large enterprises, small startups and charities to launch new websites that deliver maximum value and growth each time.

For almost 10 years I have focussed this broad experience into bringing maximum growth online for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

For example, just recently, I delivered a brand new website for Horticruitment UK. In only the first year, they hit they hit all of their statistical goals: advertising sales up by 30%, pageviews up by 100,000, and online registrations up by 38%. Read the full story here

As you can see, I do get results  this is what I do better than any other WordPress specialist in the market place: the best value and growth for your website budget.

I’m not able to showcase the telling statistics for all of my clients. However, other clients have written some very kind testimonials…

Delivered on time and on budget

Ruth Bolam

Commercial & Operations Director, Horticruitment UK

Absolutely brilliant. Jon designed my website not only efficiently but made it better, more responsive, exciting and able to update at any stage. Great rates and service and I still use him. Highly recommend.
Peter Meyer


It was such a great experiment to work with Jon who is patient and highly professional. Hope to work again together for new web projects !
Sandrine Ngoma


Do you want to experience the same level of success and grow your business like my other clients?

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Step 2 What Happens Next

You will hear from me within 24 [business] hours after I have received your answers.

I will give you a call to speak more about your business and gather more information so that I can see clearly what needs to happen to your website so that your business can grow.

It’s important that you answer my questions as accurately as possible otherwise my ideas for your website will not be accurate.

This initial call will be about 30 minutes and this is where I can really complete the picture of exactly what you need, and how to make it happen.

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