Horticruitment is a 6 figure recruitment agency that is recognised to be top 5 in horticultural recruitment.

In the beginning they reached out to me because their website simply was not working for them.

It was a story I am all to familiar with  small business owners are so busy running their business day-to-day, that something like their website falls down the priority list and becomes something which they will “look at one day”.

Tragically, the longer a website of a small business stays neglected, the more money they are loosing out on  it is a striking example of not knowing what you’re missing out on!

For Horticruitment, they had noticed that website leads were drying-up, website visits were in decline, and job applications were dropping. They were even stuck with a website that was difficult to update – either with fresh content or new jobs.

You can see a screenshot of their old website below..


For me, it was vital to call a halt to this decline a soon as possible, and to create a solution that would see all statistics going-up…including their business growth.

Naturally, Horticruitment did have some very particular requirements that were unique to their business:

  • They wanted a website that reflected their stature in the market place.
  • They wanted to be able to create new website content and job advertisings with ease.
  • They wanted to provide effortless online candidate registrations and job applications.
  • They wanted to receive paid online advertisings from other agencies into their own job listing.

The direction we needed to go in was clear.

They would need page-by-page wire-framing, creative web design, bespoke WordPress theme development, and WordPress hosting that would be able to scale as their business grew.

The solution I created for them involved a 4 person team and 3 organisations, took 3 months to deliver, and required 28 plugins, and over 11,000 lines of custom code.

You can see a screenshot of their new website below…


So, after delivering my solution, how did those previously declining statistics look?

Well, in the 1st year after launch, all the metrics went up:

  • their advertising sales increased by 30%
  • their pageviews increased by 100,000
  • their candidate registrations increased by 38%

I’m not a salesperson, and I don’t need to be – those statistics speak for themselves.

So, as you can see, the value for a small business in a website that delivers is as clear as daylight.

The website I created for Horticruitment is still live and you can see it for yourself at horticruitment.com.

Below, I have included 2 real-world examples of how their site works on different devices. These are not just something I mocked-up in Photoshop, these are actual recordings of their live site on iPhone and iPad thanks to BrowserStack.

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